That’s not you.


We are finally on episode 2, which means there are only 6 more!!! WTF!

I’ve waited a long time for this and now we only have a few more episodes left. To make matters worse, the next season would take longer!!! Another WTF!

Anyways, let’s talk about the new episode we got from our favorite fantasy TV show.


Also, if you want to read my thoughts on the first episode, click here.

Okay? We all good?Β 


  • Dany talking to her allies, who you may already know as The Greyjoys, and the people who hate Cersei (Lady Olena from House Tyrell and the Elaria Sands of Dorne)
  • Lady Olena’s warning to Dany though, I did not appreciate. Because I think she’s wrong about him.
  • Jon Snow is being invited to Dragonstone for a talk. Dany is insisten that he bends the knee though. Will he though?
  • Jon Snow always had a good head on his shoulders. But will that good head get cut off this season? That is yet to be seen though.
  • I hate Littlefinger so fucking much!


  • Cersei is rallying up her allies, which she should. She should be scared of Dany’s dragons. But it seems that she also have something up her sleeve.
  • I liked that little scene with Hot Pie and Arya. It really was nice to see them together and how important family still is to Arya.
  • I hate Littlefinger. I hope he dies in the next episodes.
  • Jorah has been one of my fave characters from the previous seasons, so it hurts my heart that he is suffering. I am crossing my fingers that Samwell is right.
  • Lady Lyanna Mormont is a little goddess. I love her.
  • Was it really Nymeria?
  • Ohhhh sexy time before the battle to take Casterly Rock. Guess who these two love birds are?
  • Jesus Christ! I wish you just strangled Littlefinger to death already, Jon, so I don’t see his face next episode.
  • I almost forgot to mention Melisandre’s advice to Daenerys. Yes. They have met and Melisandre gave her an advice that fans have already speculated on prior to the release of this season.
  • That ending though. I knew something was going to happen to Ellaria Sands and her snakes.
  • EURON IS A F*CKING CRAZY PERSON. You thought Ramsey was insane? Nope. Euron made Ramsey an amateur. HOLY SHIT!



I want more Bran!

He and Meera was MIA for the entire episode and I really want to know more about him being a Greenseer and what is role is now being the new Three-Eyed Raven. I want to look more in the past and see if he will tell Jon his true parentage. I really want this to happen! Please!

After the ambush on the Greyjoy fleet, I’m curious how Daenerys will move next. She and Tyrion seem to be pretty confident about their plan, but it seems that Euron was a bit smarter than they are.

I cannot wait for Jon and Dany’s meeting! OOOOhhhh boy!

The Night King! I wonder when he and the Wight Walkers might make another appearance.


Have you watched the new episode? What did you think about it?

  • Poulami Ghosh

    Oh yes!! As the ending was nearing, a feeling was creeping up to me that something was going to happen, I mean an episode can’t end without a murder and then and there it was! Although I wasn’t a fan of those two characters who went out in the end, I still hate it because it means less people for Daenerys.
    Eagerly waiting to see what happens next!

    – Poulami @ Daydreaming Books

    • Euron is crazy as hell! I really wish he dies, along with Cersei of course. Not Jaime because I love him. I feel so bad for the Sand Snakes. I wish they didn’t meet their end that way.

  • Jane O

    I’m back for some discussion:) You know I share your intense burning hatred for Littlefinger, I mean no just no. I’m so worried he’s going to influence Sansa. Was not expecting that battle at the end tbh. It was a solid episode for sure! When “Jon Snow” passed Dany’s lips I almost passed out! I’m so excited for next week. I don’t think he’ll bend the knee though. There were a lot of gems in that episode (like you said Hot Pie) and Arya finding out about Jon! I’m quite confused about Nymeria but it was still a heartbreaking scene. Jorah is actually a character I’m not so keen on but that greyscale scene was sohard to watch. Overall all I much preferred the pace of this episode to last week’s.

    • I do hope not though. I think Sansa knows Littlefinger enough to not trust him. She knows she owes him though, which I guess is why he is still in Winterfell. Gaaaah! I can’t wait to see Jon and Dany finally meet. It’s one of those things that I have been waiting for for 7 seasons. LOL. I read about the Nymeria scene and it was a call back to a scene between Arya and Ned, where Ned was saying how Arya was going to be this beautiful lady and all that crap, and then she said “That isn’t me.”, so when she was inviting Nymeria to come back home with her, she realized that Nymeria, like her, could not be tamed. It was heartbreaking, for sure. But in the books, I think she plays a much bigger role. Maybe. Poor Jorah! He got friendzoned and then got Greyscale. What bad luck. πŸ™ What did you think of Greyworm and Misandei? πŸ™‚


      • Jane O

        Ahaha omg how could I forget? He is Ramsey Bolton on freaking steroids!!! What a pyscho. That give your uncle a kiss line…ugh. Did you see him being welcomed back to Kings Landing like a hero in the preview? CAN’T STAND HIM.

  • A little underwhelmed with the episode, but only for two reasons. Reason #1… NO BRAN! I basically scream at the end of 80% of Game of Thrones episodes because there is never enough Bran. Can you tell I like Bran… lol. I am completely aware that Bran knows so much now that if we saw him too much, he could give everything away. But I don’t care. You’ve already killed the rest of my favourite characters, stop hiding the last and most interesting one from me!

    Reason #2. Dany and Sam can send Ravens and they get to Jon in no time, but no one at the wall (which is waaaay closer than fucking Dragonstone) can send a damn Raven to tell Jon that they found his little brother and he is ALIVE! My god people!

    Lady Olena pissed me off so much. Don’t listen Dany!!! Old doesn’t always mean wise! But also, I wanted to slap Dany when she said she wanted Jon to come and “bend the knee”, like nooooo that’s not you! You can handle making allies and gaining their cooperation so much better than basically forcing them to submit to you. Oh and you know what… if the idiots at the wall could have just sent word of Bran, maybe Jon would have some crucial info right about now as he heads into Dragonstone.

    Euron is so damn intriguing. I am very keen to see his character progress (hopefully, you never know in GoT how long a character will stick around for). I always enjoy the Crazy characters, they usually end up being my favourites.

    And I think everyone agrees with you about Littlefinger. He is such an ass hat.