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Do you have a boyfriend? Are you planning to settle down soon? When will you get married? These are questions that I get asked by people a couple of times – the answer was always the same: maybe someday. In […]

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BOOKISH CHAT: Series versus Standalone

bookish chat

Series versus standalones. That is the question. I really enjoy reading bookish discussion post, so this is me, trying to go back to posting more of it. I have posted a few of these before on my old blog, which […]

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would you rather book tag

I missed doing book tags! No one tags meeeee…(︶︹︺) So, I decided to do one even if no one tags me *inserts sad face here* Today, I’ll be doing the Would You Rather Book Tag with Myrth from Cliste Bella. So […]

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What an asshole (My not-so-love letter)

what an asshole

Yeah. I’m full of bitterness, hate, and confusion right now. I wrote this, because I’m hurt. I didn’t even have the right to be. I wrote this because I’m offended, even though, I know I shouldn’t be. What I wrote […]

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TOP TEN TUESDAY: Bookish Deal Breakers (feat Deal Sealers)

top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature post hosted and created by The Broke and the Bookish. It’s been a while since I last did Top Ten Tuesday, so when I saw the topic posted by one of my friends, […]

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