I have watched quite a number of movies last year that I wasn’t able to review, and I don’t think I’ll be able to review the ones I’ve watched during the last quarter because… I’m too lazy to backtrack. Huhu. It’s a struggle. Sorry.

Anyways, I have watched quite a number of movies in January they’re all pretty good. I have already watched two for February. So without further ado, here are the movies I’ve watched so far in 2017.



I was not expecting much from this movie. I did hear tons of hype about it, which worried me because I tend to have higher expectations for movies or books that get hyped up. Good thing is, Nocturnal Animals was definitely delivered on the hype. The best thing about this movie was the visuals. This is a very good looking film. The long unmoving takes looks beautiful. There were three stories in this movie, and I liked how it didn’t confuse the audience at all when all these three storylines were playing out. I liked Jake Gyllenhall’s performance, but not much from Amy Adams. Overall, I really enjoyed this, especially the open-ended ending.


Such an underrated film! Oh my goodness. I wish this movie have gotten more love. I definitely want a sequel! Crowe and Gossling worked so well together on screen. Their banter and their chemistry was just so fun to watch. This movie was hilarious as fuck, and I loved watching every minute of it.


If you’re looking for a big WTF movie, then I’d highly recommend this one. There were a lot of things that you would understand better once you get a second viewing. This movie isn’t for everyone. You’d only get disappointed if you think that everything you watch on screen is really just what it is, because it isn’t. There were a lot of layers to this movie. It used visual metaphors to get its message across which I found amazing.


I wish DC would make their live action movies as good as their animated ones. This one was great. I really enjoyed watching this. It’s violent, weird, and properly paced, just the way I like it. There were some characters on here that were new to me, so I would have wanted a little bit of background about these characters. Still I loved it.


This one is an indie Filipino film that I was super excited to watch. It has been released a few years ago but only got to see it recently. The trailer for this film was so good I was expecting for the film to be just as good. Was the movie good? It was disappointing. I didn’t care about the characters or their story to be honest. The visuals were good, but the story, the characters, were all disappointing. I would have to say though that the ending was really surprising. Who would have thought that that was the type of relationship they had. That was surprising. Oh and the soundtrack for this was great!


The hype was real with Arrival. I loved this movie. If you’re expecting an action-packed alien invasion movie like Independence Day, then expect to be disappointed when you watch this. Arrival is, at the core of it, about how we respond to something we don’t understand. It also dealt with the internal conflict one experiences when they encounter something familiar. I think the entire movie is one big metaphor for something else entirely. It’s not just a movie about aliens coming to Earth, and we humans, have no idea what to do. Arrival is a great film! I loved it. Highly recommended.

KIMI NO NA WA (Your Name)

Kimi No Na Wa is a story about two teenagers who switches body for some reason. As the story progresses, you’ll know when they started body switching, but not the why. I have a lot of friends who loved this. It just felt a bit lacking for me when it comes to the story and the romance. I was supposed to buy the relationship between these two characters, but I didn’t. I do love myself some forbidden romance, but this movie, just didn’t do it for me.


I have to be honest, I didn’t have high hopes for this one despite the glowing reviews from critics. Why? Because I’ve read the book and was a bit underwhelmed by it. The movie though, was a different story. I loved this movie so much. I loved the actors casted for these roles. They brought so much more to the story now that I’ve seen them with my own eyes. It was a heartbreaking story. It was beautiful.

So far, I enjoyed most of the movies I’ve watched. Hopefully, I get to watch more this year. I haven’t watched a lot of new releases save from Logan that I’ve watched yesterday, and I’d definitely be writing a separate review for that one.

Hope you guys all have a good day!

Talk to you later!