Yeah. I’m full of bitterness, hate, and confusion right now. I wrote this, because I’m hurt. I didn’t even have the right to be. I wrote this because I’m offended, even though, I know I shouldn’t be. What I wrote below are mostly true. So… I hope you guys enjoy reading this. I’m not sure why I’m telling you to enjoy reading about my misery but, like they say, “Misery loves company.”

I fell for you
Yes, I did.
I’m not going to deny that.
You made me want you.
And yes, I did want you.
I’m not going to deny that either.
Why I fell for you still puzzles me
You weren’t really special
Nor did you treat me as such.
I hate you.
Yes, I do.
I hate the fact that I hoped
Hope for something more.
That was my mistake.
I never should have fallen.
I never should have let myself fall.
Here I am
Alone and shivering from the cold
You finally showed me who you are.
I was an easy game for you.
I wasΒ vulnerable
I was someone who needed someone
I was someone who would always say yes.
You saw that as an opportunity, didn’t you?
I know you’ll say I’m wrong
But your actions said it all.
In a way, I guess I’m lucky
Lucky, I got out of your grasp early
Before I gotten in too deep
Too deep I could no longer get out
Too deep that I could no longer breathe
No longer breathe without you.
Fuck you and your smile.
Fuck you and your twinkling eyes.
Fuck you and the way you feel around me.
Fuck you.
Fuck you a hundred times more.
I knew it was going to come to this.
So thank you for choosing someone else
For breaking my already broken heart
And making me realize
I deserve more than a fuck boy
to make me aria

  • I’m so proud of you for dumping his sorry ass! You go girl <3

    • Yeah, who needs him? ☺ thanks hun!! But he, sort of, was the one who moved on to someone else so quick. Haha. Who cares though? Right?

      • as long as you’re happy πŸ™‚