I was browsing around the Althea Korea website, when I found Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam from their selection of products. Just basing on the title, I was hoping this product would be able to help me with my pesky pores.

I have huge pores. They are so huge they look like moon craters. It’s not even funny. Okay. Total exaggeration. But they are huge. I know, after much research, that pores don’t disappear. You can minimize them, but once you get visible pores, you cannot get them to go away. But me, being an optimist, still try whatever products (the ones I can afford) that promises or claims to help minimize pores. Hence, why I got this baby right here.

PRODUCT CLAIMS (from Skinfood website)


A pore-refining cleanser with egg white extract that deep-cleanses pores with white foam.

[Egg white Story] 

Egg white, enriched with alumin, promotes firmer skin and smaller pores.


Full ingredients list for this product is located here.

This product does contain a few irritants and some that can cause acne like Lauric Acid and Myristic Acid.

HOW TO USE: (from Skinfood website)

Dispense an ample amount onto wet palms and lather. Rub face thoroughly in gentle massaging motions, and then wash off with lukewarm water. Splash on cold water for astringent effects.


skinfood egg white pore foam

This would be my first Korean cleanser, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to. My facial wash, since I started washing my face with a cleanser, has always been Pond’s Antibacterial Facial Scrub. It kept my face clean and my pimples at a minimum. So when I started using this, my skin broke out. Two days after I started using this, I had three pimples that popped up out of nowhere. I think that was just my skin trying to get used to the product because after those initial pimples, the pimples healed, and didn’t get breakouts like that anymore. But of course, I still get the hormonal acne before that time of the month where I bleed red.

The texture of this product is pretty creamy. It lathers up pretty well. However, I don’t think it does much for my pores though. You can feel your skin tightening after you finish washing, my problem is that it doesn’t do anything to your skin for the long run. It’s sort of like a temporary fix for your pores. To add to that, it doesn’t even keep your pores minimized.

Since this is a cleanser, I expect it to clean my face too. I do double cleansing, so after my oil cleanser, I’m expecting this foam cleanser to pick up the other dirt that my oil cleanser wasn’t able to clean. I don’t think it does a good job completely cleaning my face though. When I use a cotton ball to apply my toner, I often see dirt residue still on my face, which sucks.


  1. Definitely the price. I got this from Althea Korea during my first haul, but checking now, I don’t see this product available on their site. But the price I got it from was 390 Php for a 150 ml product, which is a good deal.
  2. It lasts forever! I have been using this every day since January and I still have a lot of products left.
  3. The packaging is very sturdy and convenient to use.
  4. It lathers up pretty well.
  5. Didn’t cause me to breakout after my skin got used to it.
  6. Tightens my pores temporarily.


  1. Doesn’t have any long term effects on my pores. Or maybe that’s just me expecting too much.
  2. Has ingredients that can cause breakouts or irritate the skin. 
  3. I don’t look much into the PH of cleansers, but I have read quite recently, that the PH level of cleansers should only be at about 5.5. Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam has a PH level of about 9-10.5 which is way too alkaline for the skin. 
  4. It doesn’t completely clean my face.



This was an okay product. I’m not jumping up and down because of it, but it wasn’t really bad either. I guess it was good for what it was.


Have you tried this product? What did you think about it? Let’s discuss down below in the comments section.

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