If I die of hunger, it would probably be because I bought too many lipsticks. LOL. Kidding aside though, I love lipsticks. I said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’d hoard every kind of lipstick available to man, if I can. I don’t really care about the type. I don’t care if it’s glossy, matte, creamy, or whatever. As long as it’s a lipstick, I’m all for it. With that being said, I am always on the lookout for new lippies to try. Ones that are within my budget, that is.

As I was doing my lipstick hunting via Pinterest, I can across the Milani Amore Lip Crème, and I knew, right there and then, I had to get my hands on one.

Milani is one of those US drugstore brands that isn’t available locally in Manila. However, thank God to those online shops and personal sellers, I am able to get one of these and try out the hype behind them.


It’s time to put your lipsticks on notice. The Amore Matte Lip Crème has arrived. This revolutionary, highly saturated liquid-to-matte formula dries to a soft, velvety finish for fuller-looking lips. Its double-sided, flexible plush applicator hugs the contours of lips, working to lock in bold, opaque color. Non-sticky, smooth and ready for all-night wear (up to 16 hours!) our Amore Matte Lip Crème is the ultimate transfer resistant kiss-me-matte.


There are around 32 shades currently on this collection. Click on this link to take you to the Milani website to show you the shades.



milani amore matte lip creme devotion

It looks luxurious! When you have it on your makeup bag or doing an application, it looks like you have a high end lipstick on your hand instead of a drugstore one.

milani amore matte lip creme devotion

It has a doe-foot applicator, that is weirdly bent that, sometimes, makes application harder than normal. The applicator applies the product unevenly in comparison to the Colourpop ones.


The texture is creamy when you first apply it on your lips, but dries down to a complete matte in a few seconds.

milani amore matte lip creme devotion

This product is very pigmented. You can get a fully covered lip with this in just one swipe, depending on how you apply it, of course. However, I would highly discourage layering it as it tend to look patchy, crackly, and gross when you do. But maybe, that’s just me.

This is one of those matte products that would require a lipbalm before the actual application of the product, especially if you have dry or cracked lips. If you don’t have a lip balm, just make sure that your lips doesn’t have cracks on them as the product tend to cling on to those areas which causes the patchiness and uneveness.


It is extremely long wearing! When I say long-wearing, I mean long-wearing! This can last me a long time even without reapplication, because it tend to leave a tint after the heavier pigment lifts off of your lips. It lasts me an entire 9 hour without retouching. That includes eating and drinking. The Milani website states that it lasts about 16 hours, but who needs to wear lipstick for 16 hours anyways? If a lipstick lasts me the entire day at the office, then I’m good with that.

If you are not into the heavier looking matte lip, then I can suggest you apply the lipstick, let it set for a bit, and then blot it off your lips. Just be careful when blotting or wiping them off because they smear like crazy.


1. This lasts a really long time. After the top color fades off, you are left with that beautiful looking tint on the lips.

2. The shade I got  (Devotion) is an absolutely, beautiful cool toned red. I love the color and suits my skintone well.

3. The packaging looks luxurious.

4. It smells like vanilla chocolate. It really do. And I love it.

5. This is definitely a true matte lipstick. At first application on the lips, it may look glossy, but it immediately dries down to a matte finish.


1. It is a bit tricky to apply. If you over apply, you’ll end up with crusty, flaky lips when it dries. If you want it bold, I suggest you layer it thickly the first time you apply it rather than doing it thinly at first, and then building it up, because when you do that, the part that has more product flakes off in a weird unappealing way. No one wants that.

2. It smears. So be careful not to touch it when it’s drying, or even wiping it the wrong way because it will smear. Probably a good idea to put a lip liner first so that the product can adhere to something.

3. Milani website states it is kiss-proof and transfer-proof, but I beg to disagree. It does transfer, so obviously, it isn’t kiss proof.

4. Not locally available. You have to order this online, or through a private reseller.


This product is great, as long as you know how to work with it. If you are into matte lipsticks that stays put all day, then I highly recommend this product. Just be sure to apply it carefully, because like I said, this smudges like crazy.

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme reminds me so much of Colourpop Satin Lips. I think the only difference is that the Satin one doesn’t completely dry matte, unlike the Milani one. I haven’t tried the Matte Lips from Colourpop, so I can’t compare it with this.

Overall, I like it and would be getting more of the shades.

How about you? Are you interested in trying this? If you have, what did you think about it?